If you want to get ahead financially but are not sure where to start. Wealth Works can help you. 

Hi, my name is Alistair Kelsall and my philosophy in business is that I believe that we are all here to help each other in some way or another and because of my passion for numbers and finance in 2010 I created the business Wealth Works. A business based on helping people change their financial situation for the better.

This might be saving you money each month on your home loan or showing you how to restructure debts into a more manageable payment or even showing you how to own your own investment property.

Being firstly mortgage brokers, we understand the requirements on getting the right mortgage finance is first and foremost in getting ahead. Secondly we also hold formal diploma level qualifications in financial planning and although we do not operate as financial planners in the sense we are able to give you advise based on this training. We have a strong relationship with a very good financial planning practise that will be there to assist you in all your financial planning needs.

What we do ?

We can analyse your current situation and provide a free assessment that will show you how to restructure your finances, debts and Insurances and save a great deal of money. 

Not only that but once it’s done we will then work with you to create a plan for financial freedom.

It’s part of our 5 step financial freedom process

  1. Asses Your Current Financial Situation
  2. Restructure  Finances
  3. Create Plan for Financial freedom
  4. Implement
  5. Monitor & Support

As an example of a typical consultation we can save the average person over $100,000 in interest on their home loan and pay the loan off 10 years sooner. We can reduce your tax bill by at least $10,000 per year and we can make sure have the right type of insurances in place to protect your wealth and your family. Please note these are not false claims designed to get you in the door, it’s the truth of what we can do and I can only suggest you try us to see what we can do for you !

If your happy with the results we then take care of all the restructuring to ensure it is simple and easy with minimal impact on your life. I fact the biggest change you should notice is the savings in your bank account each month.

Once that process is complete we then prepare a wealth creation plan for you based on  property investing to give you the most risk free and balanced investment strategy. When this plan is implemented you will then receive regular checkups to ensure both you and your investments are on track.

So take the first step and change your financial future start the process now and complete our FREE online debt analysis form, you’ve got nothing to loose but 5 minutes of your time and it could change your life forever. Once submitted we will analyse your current situation and prepare a report for you showing you the savings you could be making. We’ve made it simple and easy  Click Here to Begin >>>